List of Micro Presses

Because Xi Draconis Books is a micro press dedicated to publishing important works in limited editions, the editor understands that one of the main problems facing such publishers is extremely limited reach. In an attempt to at least partially remedy this problem, Xi Draconis Books seeks to compile a list of all literary micro presses publishing in English. We define a literary micro press as any publishing house that orders an initial print run of five hundred or fewer copies of any one release, or as any online-only independent press. It should publish literary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. (This list will not include single-author presses.) Please contact the editor to have your press linked on this page.

Above/Ground Press
Agape Editions
Analog Submission Press
Angel House Press
Anomalous Press
Another New Calligraphy
Anstruther Press
The Alfred Gustav Press
Apt. 9 Press
Backbone Press
Baseline Press
Bird, Buried Press
Blood Pudding Press
Bull City Press
Dancing Girls Press
Duration Press
Eohippus Labs
Fewer and Further Press
Folded Word
Frog Hollow Press
Good Cop / Bad Cop Press
Greenboathouse Press
Grey Borders Press
Hooke Press
Hyacinth Girl Press
Indolent Books
Leaf Press
Louffa Press
JackPine Press
No Dear Magazine
Nomados Literary Publishers
Octopus Books
Perennial Press
Phafours Press
Porkbelly Press
Projective Industries
Puddles of Sky Press
Rain Mountain Press
Red Bird Chapbooks
Sagging Meniscus Press
Scriptor Press
Seven Kitchens Press
Slash Pine Press
Slate Roof Press
Thirty West Publishing House
Thistle Milk Press
Toad Press
Twenty-Four Hours
Twyckenham Notes
Unicorn Press
Veliz Books
We’ll Never Have Paris Literary Journal
Wrinkle Press
Yellow Flag Press