Misfit the Wanderer

Drawing on a range of aesthetic sources, from Miguel de Cervantes and Friedrich Nietzsche to Albert Camus, Ingmar Bergman, and Cormac McCarthy, Misfit the Wanderer is a tragicomedy that explores fantasty, addiction, helplessness, and friendship in confrontation with an immutable power.

Pothead, drug dealer, and all-around loser Misfit looks out his window one night and sees a fire blazing across the city. With no means of escape other than his feet, Misfit embarks on a harrowing exodus over countless city blocks. As the night progresses, the lives of strangers and friends intersect with his own, and each of their stories challenges Misfit to confront his notions of a world that apportions suffering and reprieve by chance. When at last all places of refuge appear out of reach, he must decide if he should continue struggling for his own life.

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ISBN: 978-1-7320453-7-8
Format: Trade Paperback
Binding: Perfect
Cover: Matte
Dimensions: 6 × 9
Ink & Paper: Black on Cream
Author: Patrick Barney
Pages: 104
Release Date: 15 October 2019
Print Run: 100

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About the Author
Patrick Barney has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and an MA in Professional Writing from the University of Cincinnati. He works as an English composition instructor and tutor in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he lives with his wife and three children.