11 September 2020

We’re extremely pleased to share a review of our latest publication, The Sodomites. The writer of the review is none other than the esteemed Peter Gelderloos, author of Worshipping Power and The Failure of Nonviolence. Check out the review here.

1 May 2020

We’re excited to announce our first publication of 2020, Adi Callai’s The Sodomites, which will be coming out in the latter half of June. The Sodomites is a nuanced, morally complex literary thriller offering a window into the struggle against Israeli apartheid and the environmental problems of the region. It raises difficult questions about the tactics needed to effect change anywhere.

Sodomites Cover for Announcement

Terrorists for some and heroes for others, the Sodomites are set loose, and incremental change be damned.

Yaniv has nothing to lose. He finishes his Israeli military service disillusioned and traumatized, his boyfriend leaves him for a boring family life, and industry encroaches on the last bits of the nature he loves. Should he watch the world go to hell like any other zombie? Fuck that. He chooses rebellion instead. In the desert he joins Zvika, an old timer expert saboteur; Prof, a computer scientist turned hacker; and Aya, a daredevil Palestinian vagabond. They declare a war for the wilderness.

Meanwhile, Lital, an Israeli policewoman, picks up Itamar, an anarchist hitchhiker. Their charged romance comes up against the Sodomites’ anti-industrial action. Riots erupt in the West Bank, Itamar faces an impossible choice between turning informant on fellow activists or sacrificing his love for Lital, and Yaniv’s inner demons emerge as the carefully planned assault turns into a reckless rampage.