The Sodomites

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Terrorists for some and heroes for others, the Sodomites are set loose, and incremental change be damned . . .

Here is a story of a group that sees resistance to Israeli apartheid and to environmental degradation as one and the same. Each Sodomite has their own reasons for declaring a war for the wilderness. Zvika, an old time expert saboteur, is compelled to support his Palestinian comrades. Yaniv seeks redemption after finishing his Israeli army service disillusioned and traumatized. Aya cannot sit by and let her land be destroyed. And Prof loves Aya, has the tech savvy to help, and seeks revenge against the transphobic professor who stole her scientific research. There will be sacrifice and betrayal, recklessness and bravery, and a glorious spectacle of revolt.

The Sodomites is a nuanced literary thriller offering a window into the struggle against Israeli apartheid and the environmental problems of the region, and raising difficult questions about the tactics needed to effect change anywhere.

“Coming from a rising voice in the Israeli left-wing diaspora, The Sodomites follows a gang of rogues in open rebellion against a settler state that crushes bodies, steals water, destroys communities, and cuts down ancient olive trees. With the cops hot on their tail, their rebellion unfolds across multiple dimensions—political, ecological, linguistic, technological, sexual, spiritual—as they explore and wage war from a terrain that is grim and enticing, beautiful and forlorn. A keen-eyed adventure that takes place at the exact intersection of revenge, social justice, and the urgent need to heal ourselves and the planet.”

—Peter Gelderloos, author of The Failure of Nonviolence and Worshipping Power

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ISBN: 978-1-7320453-9-2
Format: Trade Paperback
Binding: Perfect
Cover: Matte
Dimensions: 6 × 9
Ink & Paper: Black on Cream
Author: Adi Callai
Pages: 241
Release Date: 15 July 2020
Print Run: 100

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About the Author
Adi Callai has participated in social movements and radical projects in North America, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, and Palestine. Adi’s fiction, manifestos, and translations have appeared under noms de guerre in a variety of clandestine publications. Contact via Twitter @adicallai or email: