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Thanks for checking out the Xi Draconis video blog, a journal of a sort on literary, political, and philosophical topics.

8 July 2018
The Master and Margarita Analysis (with Chris Malmberg)

15 April 2018
Why the Revolution Will Be Nonviolent (and How You Can Contribute)

25 March 2018
March For Our Lives Protest

17 March 2018
Hans Burger Reading from In Some Sense Innocent (Skip to about 4.15)

11 March 2018
Free Will and Anarcho-Socialism

4 March 2018
Literary Vs. Genre Fiction (with Special Guests)
An Analysis of Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing

25 February 2018
What Is Fiction For?: A Review

18 February 2018
Twenty Best Books from the Editor’s Bookshelf

10 February 2018
The Failures of Postmodernism

4 February 2018