Book Submissions

Book Submission Status
Our open reading period for the 2019 production year has closed. Our open reading period for 2020 will begin in May 2019. Check back for updates on this front.

Before Submitting
We encourage you to check out our Mission Statement, Podcast and Videos, and Author Interviews pages before submitting. You should also order a book from our Publications page. They’re free for everyone!

Checking out what we do will give you an excellent idea of what kind of literature we publish.

We accept submissions in four categories: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. We seek to publish one fiction title, one nonfiction title, and one poetry title each year. We also need three pieces of visual art, one for each book cover. Please refer to our mission statement for the quality of work in which we are interested.


We accept novellas from 10,000 to 50,000 words in length. We do not accept shorter works of fiction.

We accept novels between 50,000 and 100,000 words in length. Longer works, though of interest to us, will take considerably longer to read and reply to.

Short Story Collections
We accept short story collections between 150 to 350 pages in length (as written in twelve-point, Times New Roman font, with double-spaced leading). We do not accept single stories or collections shorter than 150 pages.


Essay Collections
We accept essay collections of 150 to 350 pages in length (as written in twelve-point, Times New Roman font, with double-spaced leading). We do not accept single essays or collections shorter than 150 pages.

We accept memoirs up to 100,000 words in length.

Lyric Memoirs and Collections
We accept book-length works of nonfiction written in the lyric mode. Length may vary greatly.


Long-Form Poems
We accept long-form poems of at least sixty pages in length.

Poetry Collections
We accept poetry collections of at least fifty poems.


We seek visual artwork for our book publications. Style and content of accepted works will vary greatly and will depend both on the editor’s and authors’ tastes.

Submit all manuscripts in a twelve-point, legible font with double-spaced leading. (Do not double-space poetry submissions.) Send all submissions attached as a Word document to Include “book submission: title, genre” in the subject line.

For fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, please include, in the body of your email, a 250-word overview of the subject, theme, and (if applicable) plot of your submission. The overview is extremely important, so please don’t forget to include one.

Submit visual artwork as a jpg or png attachment with a resolution of at least 300ppi at 6″ x 9″ to Please include “submission: visual artwork” in the subject line.

Response times vary, though give us at least six months before you panic.

Cover Letters, Bios, and Query Letters
Don’t include any of these. Just send us your manuscript or artwork.

Simultaneous Submissions
We do accept simultaneous submissions. In fact, we think it’s crazy when a press doesn’t. If you’ve submitted work to us and it gets accepted elsewhere, congrats. Just send the editor an email at Include “simultaneous submission” in the subject line.

If your book is accepted, you will receive eight author copies and $100. If your artwork is accepted, you’ll receive $100 and two copies of the book on which your artwork appears. We would like to offer more, but we can barely afford even this meager amount.

Author Rights, Terms, and Conditions
Check these out here.

We look forward to seeing your work.