Visual Art Contributor Terms and Conditions

Visual Art Contributor Terms and Conditions

By submitting your works to us:

1. You vow that the work is yours; that it will not infringe upon the personal rights of or give rise to any claim by any third party, including, without limitation, claims in defamation, privacy, copyright, or trademark; and that you have the authority to grant us the rights granted in this agreement. Xi Draconis Books will have no obligation to publish any part of the work which in its opinion would infringe upon such rights of any third party.

2. Your submission to Xi Draconis Books gives unconditional permission for us to publish your work on our website and distribute it through our social media feeds and our email newsletters.

3. Your submission to Xi Draconis Books also gives unconditional permission for your work to be reprinted in other ezines, websites, and print publications. If someone violates your copyright, it will be up to you to take legal action against those who abuse your copyright to protect your interests. If you do not agree to these terms, do not submit your work.

4. It is the editor’s sole decision as to whether your work is published and for how long. There are no guarantees made that your work will be published. We reserve the right to remove your work from our website at any time.

5. You acknowledge that we do not pay for visual art submissions for publication on the Xi Draconis Books website.

6. Editor will make no changes to your submission without your permission.

7. All rights to the work not expressly granted to us here will remain, always, with the you.

8. If there is a disagreement between the two parties arising out of this agreement, it will be resolved in good faith through an arbitrator in Cincinnati, Ohio, to be selected by the parties. The arbitrator’s decision may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. No arbitration can be commenced and neither you nor the editor can be found to be in breach of this agreement unless they have been given written notice identifying the breach and a thirty-day opportunity to cure it.

9. This agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Ohio.